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Joel D. & Tula Y. 2019

Our dream come true! 

We had an amazing 

experience. Thank you 

Stay In The USA!

Tula Y.

Pastors Arno & Marlei Z. 2015

We are so happy to be U.S. citizens. God bless Stay In The USA and God Bless America!

Arno Z.


Claudio C. 2019

Professional y buenos resultados rapido. Gracias a Stay In The USA!

Claudio C.


Josh Z. 2015

They were so easy to work with and answered all of my questions.

Josh Z.


Ranile Z. 2020

Highly recommend! They helped my husband in 2015 and now they helped me! 

Thank you  Stay In The USA!

Ranile Z.

Marilyn D.jpg

Marilyn D. 2021

We were desperately looking for a responsible person, honest and someone who inspired trust. After visiting so many lawyers and places to get help with our case, a good friend of ours recommended Roxy. They were already working with her and everything was going well in their case. We didn’t hesitate in contacting her and told her about out case. She led us on the right path since the beginning, even though we introduced our paperwork just before the pandemic. We got our appointment on January 4 and that very same day I got my permanent residency approved!

Thank God for putting Roxy in our path.

Marilyn D.

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